Platinum for skincare:

Platinum deluxe serum best for eyes:

Step to use:

  1. please keep it at room temperature
  2. to have the instant result, use Faisal serum with it

Note: please care that it does not touch your eyes. Keep up from the looks of kids.

Platinum deluxe mud mask best for skincare routine;

Step to use:

Apply in a roundabout movement onto the face keeping away from the eye zone

Apply and leave for 5–10 minutes to ave the best result, and flush with warm water afterward.

Alert: please avoid applying with eyes. Keep faraway from kids.

Platinum skincare anti-aging moisture:

This smooth cream is smooth and liquefying from the Black Diamond Collection, gets dried out the epidermis, and recovers the skin’s hydration barrier. When applied consistently, this cream diminishes the presence of maturing skin and revives with much-required dampness.

Platinum Deluxe ® cosmetics 20340 NE 15th ct MIAMI, FL 33179 (844) 812–2630

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